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Sealcoating Preparation Guidelines

Sealcoating Preparation:
SPRINKLER SYSTEMS – Must be shut off 24 hours prior to sealcoat application. Sprinklers may be turned back on 24 hours after project completion.
HOMEOWNERS are not required to be home day of project. If it is convenient, we can schedule during vacations, holidays, etc to avoid the inconvenience of not being able to use driveway for 24 hours.
COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS Sprinklers must be shut off, all cars removed by 5am day of project. It is your responsibility to warn all tenants, employees, etc. of work being done. Be aware of your garbage pickup day, and shipping & receiving days, etc.
Included in Sealcoating Service:

  • Weed whip edge of pavement
  • All pavement surfaces power air cleaned with 13 hp blower and/or power brooms prior to application.
  • All areas around garage door, landscape brick pavers and concrete walks will be trimmed out by hand using a sealcoat brush for a clean and uniform edge. No splashing or overspray of sealcoat using our stay clean method to apply product.
  • Driveways receiving crackfill: cracks removed of normal vegetation with billy goat grazer. Silica sand added when necessary for base. Once rubber is applied, shrinking and/or expanding is normal during the curing process. The following areas will NOT be filled:
    • Deteriorated Areas: These include areas where the stones and sand from your asphalt aggregate mix designs begins to break down over the lifetime of a driveway. Hot rubber can only be applied to a clean, uniform crack or product will not hold.
    • Alligatored Areas: This happens when your sub base has failed and your pavement has developed many little cracks that branch out from each other. These cannot be filled.
  • Driveway will be staked and caution taped off upon completion of project. This can be removed after 24 hours.

Sealcoating After Care:
Foot Traffic – No foot traffic for a minimum of 12-18 hours
Vehicle Traffic – No vehicle traffic for minimum of 24 hours
Fertilizer – Please be aware that fertilizer will affect the quality of sealcoating, causing deterioration of the product. Keep fresh sealcoated surfaces clean of chemicals such as lawn fertilizers, oil, and gas.
High Humidity days – Take extra care when driving on fresh sealcoat, even after recommended dry time due to the fact that high humidity requires longer curing time and sealcoat can become scuffed with tire marks from sharp turning on fresh sealcoat.
There are certain environmental factors that may cause premature wear on sealcoat. SHADED DRIVEWAYS may not cure properly due to lack of sun, and/or being damp for long periods of time. Driveways with maple, evergreen, or any sap producing trees near them may also wear prematurely in certain areas due to the tree saps effects on the sealer. If overhanging tree branches cover parts of driveway, be aware that this causes a constant drip while trees dry from rain which can cause the sealer to fade in those areas. Shaded drivewaysand driveways that are covered by falling leaves in the fall are recommended to be sealed during summer months. This allows for the sealer to cure with the heat and sun, as well as avoiding leaf problems. Allow for extra dry and cure time on high humidity days. Areas on asphalt that normally hold water puddles tend to deteriorate more rapidly over time.