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Asphalt Patching

Asphalt Patching

Example of asphalt repair that has been saw cut and replaced with new asphalt.

Asphalt patching is the most inexpensive way to maintain your asphalts surface and the underlying foundation. When repairing holes in the asphalt pavement you improve the aesthetics and safety of the surface.  More importantly, asphalt patching protects against further damage and erosion of the pavement.

There are a couple of techniques used for repairing an asphalt surface. The first is surface patching. This is the most popular form of patching asphalt driveways for residential homes. During this repair, glue is added to the affected area and hot asphalt patching compound is added to the top of the asphalt surface.  This type of patch is less expensive than cutting out the damaged section of asphalt and replacing. However, it does depend on the size and the extent of damaged asphalt surfaces.

The second repair is much more permanent. It is also a more expensive method of repair. In this technique the damage asphalt is removed, typically in square sections with straight edges. The section is removed to gain access to the damaged underlying base. With the damaged area removed, the base can be prepared for the patch by cleaning, leveling, compacting the area. The new asphalt patching product is then added in layers and compacted. This the most stable and permanent patch. This type of patch is not always necessary.

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