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Mr. Sealcoat Inc. is a leader in asphalt renewal, parking lot maintenance, seal coating, and repair. Our companies success is rooted in our ability to provide customers with affordable, quality work in a timely manner. Most customers receive their estimates within 48 hours of their request (with the exception of commercial jobs that may require more time depending on scope of work).

Asphalt Seal Coating – Seal coating is a very important part of asphalt surface maintenance. Our seal coating materials are made up of a rubberized coating that protects the asphalt from harmful ultraviolet rays, weather, gas, oil and other harmful agents.
By seal coating your pavement and performing regular preventative maintenance, Mr. Sealcoat Inc. can help you double the life expectancy of your asphalt. From driveways to shopping centers, bike trails, tennis courts and running tracks, we use the highest-grade materials in the industry. Our sealers is applied by a trained professionals. Mr. Sealcoat Inc. uses only the finest state-of-the-art equipment, Mr. Sealcoat Inc. ensures its customers 100% satisfaction.

At Mr. Sealcoat Inc. we are one of the few seal coating companies in South East Michigan that apply seal coat through an industry proven technique that allows the sealer to completely penetrate the asphalt, ensuring the absolute maximum protection.

Striping – Striping is one of the most important services that we provide at Mr. Sealcoat Inc.. Clear markings help ensure a more efficient and problem-free parking area. Striping is a critical element in maximizing your parking lot and controlling the flow of parking lot traffic. Mr. Sealcoat Inc. ensures that the striping is in compliance with the A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act) thus lowering owners liability.
Mr. Sealcoat Inc. starts by ensuring that the surface that the striping will be placed on is free of water, dirt and debris. The striping is then applied with the utmost attention paid to the viscosity of the paint and the width of the striping so that precise and uniform lines are the result. Mr. Sealcoat Inc. utilizes Professional striping equipment, providing very crisp, clean edges, reducing the amount of waste and pollution from the overspray.

Repairs and Maintenance – Asphalt repairs are a very important part of asphalt maintenance. Mr. Sealcoat Inc. puts as much priority in our repairs as we do in our major paving projects. Most damaged areas increase in size quickly. Repairing these issues early is absolutely the best action to maximize the life of the asphalt.
Mr. Sealcoat Inc.’s maintenance and repair technicians specialize in seeking out the origin of the problem and properly repairing the damaged areas of asphalt. Permanent repairs do not always include removing the damaged asphalt and installing new asphalt. Base replacement and stabilization may be what is needed in some situations where there is larger damage. Mr. Sealcoat Inc. is highly experienced in all repair types and in all asphalt failure types.

Pride Equals Savings – At Mr. Sealcoat Inc. we use professional equipment and methods of repair for the maximum results. Which in return saves our customers time and money. Our methods allow us to use half the equipment, trucks, and technicians needed to complete the project. The savings are then directly passed on to our customers.

At Mr. Sealcoat Inc. we focus on well-trained personnel, quality equipment & materials and friendly customer service.


We service office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, apartment complexes, condominiums and homeowners.

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